Veteran Earns SBEP Diploma at Age 82

Veteran Earns SBEP Diploma at Age 82
Posted on 02/24/2021
Hank Meiners

Hank Meiners was given his high school diploma during the February 22 meeting of the St. Bernard-Elmwood Place School Board. Mr. Meiners had left school during the 10th grade after struggling with classes and growing frustrated, but earning his St. Bernard-Elmwood Place diploma has remained a goal. “It’s something I’ve been wanting all my life since I’d say ‘52 on,” Meiners said. 

He continued his education, earning his GED and an Associate’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati, but at 82 years old, his educational journey wasn’t complete. “I thought, I ain’t got much time left, so I might as well go for it,” Meiners joked. 

After growing up in St. Bernard, he wanted his diploma from St. Bernard-Elmwood Place High School. “You are now part of the group that gets to call themselves a Titan,” said SBEP School Board President Linda Radtke.  “I attended seven different colleges, and all of them were challenging, but this fulfills a goal,” Meiners said. 

His diploma is dated the year he completed his GED studies. Congratulations to Mr. Hank Meiners, officially a part of the St. Bernard-Elmwood Place High School Class of 1980 - a great display of Titan pride!