Mike's Carwash Fundraiser

Mike's Carwash Fundraiser to support Titan Boys' Basketball
Posted on 11/12/2020
Titan Boys' Basketball FundraiserThe Titan High School Boys' Basketball Program will be running a Mike's Car Wash Fundraiser during October.

In short, tickets are $9, the same you would pay at Mike's Car Wash to get a "Basic Wash."  We, the boys' basketball program, get 50% of tickets sold.

If a Titan basketball player asks you about purchasing a ticket this month, he will give you a receipt upon you paying the $9.  Of course, you may purchase more than 1 ticket.  And we accept additional donations!

We get the authentic tickets from Mike's Car Wash at the end of the month when we turn in the money for however many tickets we sell.

The best news: The tickets you purchase through our fundraiser never expire and are valid at any Mike's Car Wash.

PLEASE consider supporting us.  Because of Covid, we did not run our summer elementary basketball camp that usually earns us $400-$500 dollars.  For us, that is a big loss.

The basketball players probably will not have receipts or ask anyone to purchase a ticket until next week.  Again, we will run the tickets sales all of October.  Hopefully we approach it next week with some much-needed enthusiasm!

If for any reason you would prefer to just deal directly with me regarding money and receipts, email me or stop by 406B anytime.

Thank you, in advance,
Coach Mike Radtke