The last first day in our current buildings!

News Coverage of Opening Day 2023-24
Posted on 08/24/2023
The vibrant scenes of our much-anticipated first day back at school took center stage as various news outlets turned their spotlight on our thriving educational community. Both Channel 5 WLWT and Channel 9 WCPO shone a light on our staff and students, capturing the highlights of the day that were filled with energy and enthusiasm.

This first day holds a special significance, marking not only the start of a new academic year but also the final "first day" in our current building. It's a mix of bittersweet emotions as we bid farewell to our old surroundings, but the excitement is palpable as we eagerly await the upcoming new school that promises a whole new level of excitement. Set to debut in the second semester of this year, our new school is poised to become a hub of incredible opportunities and adventures for our students.