Welcome to the St. Bernard-Elmwood Place City Schools Athletic webpage. I oversee all athletic programs grades seven through twelve. The Titans have 13 programs (Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Softball, Swimming, Track and Field, and Volleyball) currently and hope to add sports and bring back some programs in the future. These decisions are based on the interest of the students.

The SBEP Board of Education, Administration, and Athletic Department want nothing more than our student athletes to gain life long experiences through athletic participation, and for the SBEP athletic program to be one of the most competitive programs in the Miami Valley Conference and in Ohio.

The St. Bernard-Elmwood Place School District considers athletics to be an integral part of the overall education process.

Our Athletic Philosophy is simple:

The St. Bernard-Elmwood Place Athletic Department is committed to providing opportunities for each student athlete to achieve his/her athletic, academic, physical, mental, and social potential.

We believe that by promoting sportsmanship at all levels, the athletic program instills pride, reinforces a value structure, and enhances the individual's self image as well as the image of the school district and the community.

With this vision in place, it is equally important for student athletes to understand that the OHSAA sets scheduling guidelines for each athletic program. These guidelines are very specific, allowing our coaches to prepare their season goals around those dates provided. Our coaches will be required to plan accordingly, given the limited time they have available. It is imperative that student athletes and parents understand that the start dates are official dates that teams are beginning to practice. When teams begin official practices, the student athletes will be expected to begin their full season commitment. To expand on that commitment, SBEP Athletics will be going above and beyond these start dates and provide the student athletes with the opportunity to better their skills through off-season workouts, conditioning and weight-training. It is highly encouraged that student athletes take full advantage of every off-season program available to them.

I encourage all parents, students, and community members to be supportive of our athletes and coaches on and off the playing field. We have a wonderful coaching staff that is very dedicated to making a positive impact on each athlete we serve. By encouraging each other this will help pave the way for more success in our athletic programs. Thanks for your continued support. Please use the links under the "Welcome page" to navigate through our athletic site.

Matthew Koenig, Athletic Director
(513) 482-7105